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Film School Blog - The Beginning

Someone* wise once mentioned that a cool idea or side project would be maintaining a blog during my time in film school where I post what I’m doing, what I’m making, what questions I have, and most importantly, what I’m learning during my four years here.

And I thought, “Whoa. That’s a killer idea dude. Good thing I already keep a journal where I write down exactly those things.”

And he said (I’m paraphrasing), “Yeah, but your attending this school is hella rad and you’re privileged to have this information. What if other people could learn from it too?”

See folks, this is why having smart friends is important.

I wanted to start it at the beginning of this semester, but seeing that we’re already six weeks in (wtf?), I’m going to keep the posts of what’s already happened short and sweet, and hopefully be disciplined enough to write longer, more insightful posts from now on.

I’ll probably hate myself for saying this, but if I don’t have some form of liability then I know I won’t do it… but I’m going to try and post something at least once every two weeks, at best every week. This endeavor honestly scares me a bit because I don’t have any expectations for it really, I just hope that the outcome is positive.

Love at first Fairbanks.

Love at first Fairbanks.

I want to be clear though that this blog is not an objective review of film school. I have plenty of opinions that anyone is more than welcome to disagree with, but all I can post that is completely honest is my own personal experience here at USC’s School of Cinematic Arts. My experience is unique from people who did, will, or do currently attend this school, and I don’t intend to assign any ubiquity to my thoughts or opinions.

Yes, attending USC’s film school means I have access to information many people don’t get a chance to experience, but I’m more than willing to divulge what it is that I learn if anyone out there is interested in listening. I feel very privileged to be here learning how be a better filmmaker, a better storyteller, and a better learner, which the subjects I’m most passionate about. I hope this blog can be mutually beneficial. :)

(*Aforementioned wise person has his own really incredible website filled with insight on what it looks like to live life learning full time: