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My Favorite One Second Everyday Films

I’m a week behind on these blog posts, so rather than force no longer relevant information into this post, I’ll just share what were my favorite final projects everyone turned in last week.

Our first and last assignment was a “One Second Everyday” film which we started filming (you guessed it) one second every day since the first day of this semester, and then compiled those shots into a 90 second film for the last class.

All 50 production students united for the final class to watch all of our films, so there is an overwhelming number to choose from. Any project that deviated from what I expected (i.e. a collage of moments strung together with one inspirational song) is memorable to me and thus, makes the list. That’s not to say that the others weren’t good – it’s just that after watching 50 films, it’s hard to distinguish one from the other unless they did something no one could anticipate.

Here are my picks:

Theo Buckwald’s “One Second Everyday” (very original title) 

This one made me laugh so fucking hard. I’ve watched it five times since class. 

Zack Hosseini’s “An Honest Mistake” 

I think I could make a compelling case to nominate Zack as the most cinematic filmmaker in our year. He goes above and beyond what everyone else does in order to make his projects cohesive and totally dramatic. 

Bogui Adjorlolo’s “A Second a Day Keeps the Doctor Away” 

Obviously Bogui spent a good amount of time thinking about the execution of this project, which clearly paid off. I love how Bogui's editing style so strongly motivates his concepts. I remember how we all got so annoyed when we realized what a ridiculously good filmmaker Bogui was when he came out of nowhere and dominated the SCA Alphies with "Snooze". Butthole. 

Peter McGarry’s “Soda Quest: The Search For Diet Coke” 

In which Peter spends an entire semester on an odyssey to find a diet coke. 

That's all.

Mo Thompson’s “1SE”

Mo is definitely a thinker before she is a filmmaker which is why her work is always so conceptual and deeply engaging. I can’t wait to see what else Mo Mo makes in the next three years. I can't wait to see what kind of impact her films have in the future. 

Fiona Kida’s “Grade A F*cker (1SE)" 

I admire Fiona's enormous bravery and willingness to be vulnerable. Probably resulted in a really fun and memorable semester. ;) 

Those are my favorites. :) I'm so sad 285 is over, but I feel so fortunate to be surrounded by such talented filmmakers and such incredible friends. If anyone is really into these and wants to see mine and the other 50 films (minus Savoca's section --  waiting for Omar to send them all to me) here ya go: 

Juli’s section: 

Marcel the shell with shoe on’s section: