The Making of "Second Impressions"

Putting the "Pro" in Production

Six wonderful people with an infinite number of stories.

Six wonderful people with an infinite number of stories.

Last Thursday, after working at Misty's (had an absolute BLAST organizing an email contact list by the way...oh the glamorous life of internships), Pancho and I set out to conduct 10-15 interviews before the sun set. 

We ended up interviewing six people--just over half of our goal. And at first, that really stressed me out. My SRP Syllabus says that I should already have 50 interviews! 50! Five. Zero. Like, the number of states there are in America. Like the age at which everyone calls you "over the hill". Like my average grade in Physics (Ha! Not such a big number now...) FIFTY! What in the world was past-tense Soraya thinking?! 

Needless to say, we've got a ways to go until 50 interviews are completed. Having said that, I am very, VERY happy with the interviews we got. Each one takes give or take 10 minutes, and as expected, I'm blown away with the stories people carry and are willing to share. I would rather spend more time documenting quality interviews over interviewing as many people as possible. 

My goal today is to get the film's Facebook page up and running so that I can draw audiences from any where. Tomorrow is another day at Misty's and another day of interviews! As they say in the biz, STAY TUNED!