The Making of "Second Impressions"

Week One Day One

I wake up. Feeling good. Ready to roll. Coffee’s brewing and the sun is shining. All is fine and dandy.

I walk out to my car to head downtown and meet with my on-site advisor, Paul, at Misty Production Services. I pull out of my driveway only to find that my car has a flat tire. Spectacular. Luckily, Discount Tire is about 1 minute away from my house. I head inside, slap down my card and challenge them to change the tire in 25 minutes. They do it in 15. Everything is back on track. 

My meeting with Paul and Emily at Misty's goes well. We figured that I would probably be working on set at least once a week. What's left to do for me this week is to plan out the questions for the interviews and start marketing my film. I look forward to this process!