The Making of "Second Impressions"

So What Are You Doing For The Next 12 Weeks, Soraya?

This question is hilarious to me because the two people who keep asking me this over and over again are my parents.

Well, Mom and Dad, let me enlighten you! Since Friday was my last day of high school, over the next 12 weeks I will be creating a documentary on storytelling. Soraya, you might ask, how did you manage to finish high school 3 months before the rest of America? Well, my school Basis has a uniquely structured design that allows its seniors to finish their credits necessary to graduate early, so that they can do something called a Senior Research Project. This is great because it provides us with an opportunity to recuperate from the Senioritis plague and to spend time doing something we’re passionate about. 

For me, that’s filmmaking.

My goal over the next few months is to create a film called Second Impressions. Well—that’s the title for right now. I like it, but it’s subject to change. Only time will tell. 

Second Impressions has two main objectives: first, this project will explore what it takes to create a low-budget independent film. The behind-the-scenes aspect of this project will illustrate how much work goes into making a movie and serve as a guide of what to do from what not to do. What I know of independent filmmaking now will be compared to what I will learn once this project is completed. This is an opportunity to give myself a second impression on what it takes to make a movie much more sophisticated than past short films. 

Secondly, the documentary itself is an attempt to argue that our second impressions of people is what really matters. Each and every person we pass has a story that will in some way transform our initial perception of them. I seek to form more genuine relationships with strangers or people who I already know by asking them questions they would not usually be asked. While interviewing these people for a film is an opportune platform to do this, my intention is that this documentary will demonstrate how we can all learn to get to know the people around us better. Penetrating superficial relationships and acknowledging that there is always something more we can offer each other— our stories, our own human experience— is key in growing into more empathetic beings.

I’ll try and add posts to my blog a few times a week with some sneak peeks of interviews, philosophical ruminations, and of course, the occasional pun thrown in to balance it out.

Stay tuned!