The Making of "Second Impressions"


This is what I look at practically all day. Let's examine, shall we?

  • Macbook Pro: I do everything on this. 
  • The Digital Filmmaking Handbook: aka The Holy Book  
  • Humans of New York: my inspiration
  • Coffee: to survive
  • Glasses: to see
  • Earphones: to block out the haters
  • Notebook/Binder/Pen: to make my workspace look more sophisticated 
  • Hard Drive (2TB): if you never know what to get the filmmaker/photographer/etc. in your life, give them space. And by space, I mean buy them external hard drives. Seriously. There is almost no greater gift you can bestow. Except maybe hugs and cookies. 

    (Not pictured: my camera, my equipment, the avocado I'm eating, and my cameraman, Pancho. Where is that kid anyway...)