The Making of "Second Impressions"

The 'F' Word

Today we're going to talk about the 'F' word. 

That's right.


Apparently it costs money to make movies, and my film is no exception. While I thought I could get away with doing this project for free, alas, that is not the case. 

To ensure that the quality of my film meets my expectations, I want to make sure the audio is tip-top. Preferably for the interviews I would like to buy some lavalier microphones (the ones that you pin on the collar of shirts). Audio is one of those things that you never want to sacrifice because how annoying would it be to sit through an hour long film you can't hear? So, those are on the list.

In addition, I'm a huge supporter of using only licensed music. It's unfair to artists to give their work away under the guise of "good exposure" so thank goodness for platforms like which equip filmmakers with a huge library of licensed music! I don't know the film's soundtrack yet, but need to be prepared to pay for that music regardless.

The cost of maintaining the film's website (to be announced) as well as poster and DVD creation need to be accounted for. 

Also, I probably need to feed my cameraman Pancho every now and then so I have to think of that! So far I've come up with rough estimations of the final budget and it's around $1000. 

I'd like to both marvel and cry at that number because for an indie filmmaker that is SUPER low-budget, but for a burgeoning college student, that's the price of textbooks for a semester.  

I'm launching my crowd funding campaign on Kickstarter today to start raising that money: 

If you, my wonderful, loyal blog readers, feel compelled to help me make my first big movie then I will be incredibly grateful. Personally, I think the crowd funding incentives are pretty sweet but they're no where near expressive enough of how thankful I am!